woensdag 17 september 2014

Every day kind of shoes

 Hello lovely people,

Today I wanted to share a new pair of Nike’s . These simple black beauties are what I call my every day kind of shoes. Yeah, here in Holland you can pretty much say that winter is coming, even though the weather out here is acting bipolar right know, one day it’s sunny the other day it’s cold as fudge! Anyhow, I needed new shoes! My lovely Vens did their part and now they have earned their rest in peace.

dinsdag 16 september 2014

Saving money for shoes?!?!

‘Choosing quality over quantity’ I said to myself, and so it began.

If you are close to me, than you probably know my obsession with designer shoes and bags. Not that I own many but the obsession is never the less. Before is start. I must say, you really have to be careful with obsessing about materialistic thing. Because sometimes it will eat you up and make you value the wrong things in life, ‘damn you youtube unboxing’. But since this is my current dilemma in life that I am dealing with( not really I am not that superficial). Let me put it like this ‘one of my 99 problems’, so I thought why not share this with my lovely readers.

@chocolatevanillabt, @lostinthegardn

Daily outfits of Vanilla on @chocolatevanillabt and for materialistic obsession follow @lostinthegardn. Hi guys, we are thinking about taking more pictures and sharing them with you. Just simple daily pictures. And expending more, blog wise. Not only posting outfit posts but also explaining more, talking, discussing fashion and style subjects. I suppose being more evolved with our readers. Sometimes you just want to talk style or obsess about something with someone. Yeah, that's the idea. 

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As always with love,

Chocolate & Vanilla

dinsdag 2 september 2014

zondag 24 augustus 2014

Defy your own group, rebel against yourself.

If you continuously compete with others, you become 
But if you continuously compete with yourself, you become BETTER.

vrijdag 4 juli 2014

These boots ain't made for walking

These boots ain’t made for walking, and certainly not made for marching, but babe one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you. This is the first  time that I am wearing them and they are more comfortable then I expected, yet they are not marching boots.