dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Last February

Just some memories that we haven’t shared on our blog yet. This was in February when we were in Istanbul on holiday. I didn’t have all the pictures, just the ones that I took on my camera and Iphone. But I really wanted to share this green/ yellow obsession of mine that I had. It all started with this green COS sweater. If you have read my previous post back in autumn y’all would know what I am talking about. These color combinations give me life, I am not even kidding. Looking back at my pictures, I amma be like: Style is my thing. Not always, but sometimes I still got it. The weather was very lovely in February when we visited Istanbul and we would just go out and explore. I love that about city trips, I feel so inspired and I want to dress up. I really need to work on myself, I feel if I would lose some weight and live a more healthier lifestyle, that I would be much more comfortable in my own skin and wear things and styles that I like. I feel limited by my body and it is my own doing. But anyways, I hope you guys like my color combo tho... and I hope that I inspire you guys in some way!

Wearing: Cos sweather (similar here)/ Miu Miu glasses (here)/ Celine trio (similarhere)/ H&M maxi dress (old)/Nike air force 1( not quite but similar)/lips mac heroine. Burcu is wearing a Mango coat military vintage looking (similar)Burcu’s jewelry :Albert cuyp market in Amsterdam. There is this lady with red hair who sells Buru’s most worn jewelry./ Hat h&m.

dinsdag 21 juli 2015

My Father inspires me, because he is a very genuine man

Another beautiful, talented, creative and inspiring friend of mine, Kimberly.

Describe yourself in 3 words or more :
Spontaneous, Carrying and Ambitious.

What makes you smile?:

Theater and Art.

What kind of peace of clothing screams you and why?:
over-sized t-shirt, because its goes almost everything. Leggings, jeans, skirts. Also, you can
even wear it as a dress and can also layer it up or down.

Book or movies/series kind a person?

Movie series.

donderdag 2 juli 2015

Hard work pays off (4th semester, AMFI)

Dear readers,
Today I want to share something of Burcu, the other half of this blog and basically of me. This girl works so hard at school. If you didn’t know by now, she studies at the Amsterdam fashion Institute in fashion and design. Moreover, let me tell you this, we have an expression in Dutch ‘ petje af’ which basically means RESPECT! The expectations they have of their students and the amount of work the students have to do is out of this world. So if you are interested in this study, I would do your research first and maybe stalk some students for the ins and outs, like Burcu for example :p. Ok, besides all of that I wanted to share her work with you guys. I mean we haven’t been really active on the blog but that’s not because we lost interest it’s because we were really busy with school.( I graduated ) Furthermore, this is the result of hard work, of her hard work.

maandag 29 juni 2015

Some things stay and so things go

I have wanted a Kenzo sweater ever since it was a fashion must have in 2012. I clearly remember Andy Torres wearing the sweater at NYWF in that same year and I was sold. I loved everything about that sweater, the color, the tiger and the pop of Kenzo in it. But unfortunately for me I didn’t really  have that money to spend back then and when I finally did manage to save up some money, the sweater was already gone… and my other attempts kinda failed as well. But some years later on a simple stop to my second home ( deBijenkorf) I saw fresh new Kenzo sweaters hanging in the most beautiful colors, so naturally I started walking towards the Kenzo corner and then I saw this beauty and could not stop myself from trying it on. It was a perfect match, a little bit tight around the fatness but we can work on that this summer. 

zondag 21 juni 2015

Big, Beautiful and Fabulous

Dear readers,

It’s been a while, can’t say I am back again, but I am trying. I love photography and I love taking pictures of people that inspire me. I feel blessed that I have met this person and that we have stayed in touch even though our paths went different directions. And now, I can call him my friend. A friend that is different, and a friend that taught me to challenge the beauty ideals. Because It is easy to see the world in the most obvious way and it is more challenging to look at the other side and create your own form of beauty and set your own standards. I asked if a could take pictures of him and  I asked some question to give you guys a little bit of inside about my beautiful friend. I hope that he will inspire you guys like he inspired me. So without further ado, meet Ali!

woensdag 22 april 2015

Fotografie Workshop Voor Fashion Bloggers!

Hello lovely readers, it’s been a while but finally I think I can find the time to blog and just to talk to you guys. But I have something that you might really like specially if you are a Dutch blogger or living in the Netherlands. I have been working with a photographer for a while now for school and my internship and since she is a skilled artist in photography and teaches photography in her courses I thought why not develop a workshop for fashion/ lifestyle bloggers…

I remember when we just started blogging we always wondered what kind of camera and lenses other bloggers used and how did they edit the pictures to create a mood or tell a story. We had a lot of questions but paying for a very expensive course was not worth our money or time. We did a lot figuring out ourselves when it came down to working with a Canon camera. Most of the time we didn’t really know what we were doing usually just using the automatic stand on our camera. Yet you can do so much more and since I was working for Esther Quelle, the photographer, I have learned so much more. For example about daylight and artificial light and how I can use it to my advantage.

We as bloggers rely on good images and photo’s to tell our story and to catch our readers and visitors eyes, we need to be skilled in the art of photography, it’s a must. I know that a lot of you who are starting out want to have professional photos on your blog this way not only readers and visitors will take you serious but other companies and businesses will take you serious as well. And they would more likely want to work with you. It takes more than being creative to present yourself in a appealing way for other business, yet being creative is a good start!